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Hi friend, I am Sammi Jo and I am so glad you are here! 

 I am most often found wearing running shorts + my trusty Patagonia pullover with black coffee in hand probably running late. I love Jesus, running, Instagram, writing, the Bible, silly dancing, early mornings, reading, holding babies, unruly hair, Pure Barre, loud laughter, birthday cake, last minute adventures, being outside and messy cars. I do not enjoy chocolate, lies, online calendars, late nights, bland coffee, thunderstorms, fancy clothes, or matching socks. I have always enjoyed watching people's eyes brighten up when they talk about what makes them feel most alive. When I talk to someone, I always look for that sparkle. I am an introvert, cleverly disguised as a extrovert. I will try anything once and am a huge fan of spontaneity. 

more about me here!